About us

About Us

Through years of experience in the Broadcast and Telecommunications Industry, HEAT has accumulated a wealth of technical know-how. HEAT today is a modern company with highly developed technology in continuous expansion with innovative approaches. Utilizing its own assets and expertise it can guarantee the most advanced technical solutions both to the large Public Corporations as well as Private Organizations.

With its proven excellent technological, engineering and design skills, HEAT confirms its position as the ideal partner for companies that are looking for integrated turnkey solutions in Broadcast and Telecommunications. Working with the majority of Broadcasters and Service Providers, HEAT has become a leading actor in the development of technology within these industries in Jordan.

From the very beginning, HEAT continues to increase the value of its technological assets its role as a market leader. Investments, innovations and training highlight the continuous focus of the company on future technological developments within the sectors.

HEAT shares the passion for technology with its clients and is continuously in partnership during all phases of the business development, from planning and site locations, to design to implementation and maintenance, with a total commitment to guarantee an unmatched quality of service and performance. Clients can count on HEAT’s highly qualified engineers that are part of its heritage combining strong broadcasting background with an innovative approach typical of the new market contest.

By exploiting the experience gained during the past decade in Broadcast and Telecommunications, HEAT is able to develop consulting services and packages based on customer’s needs. The main area of competence concerns the broadcast sector in which HEAT is capable of providing support and consulting in every phase of development: from site and frequency plans to the implementation and commissioning of broadcasting and production facilities, connection networks and infrastructures. Starting from customer’s demand and expectation, HEAT offers flexible training formats, designed to ensure a complete transfer of knowledge and skills in order to use the services and products acquired.

HEAT is the accredited supplier in Jordan and other Middle East countries in the field of Audio and Video Broadcast and Telecommunications and has since become an authorized agent and distributor for a number of world leaders in these fields of technology such as JDSU Acterna Telecom, Promax Test Equipment, Continental Microwave, Vislink Communications, Balcar, LSI, Sachtler Lighting and Camera Support, AVID Technology, and Visual Impact Europe. Moreover, HEAT is a business partner of a wide base of international manufacturers, and suppliers.